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Slid-ders or Sli-ders? A Decade Old Debate...

Since our inception in 2012, customers have debated the pronunciation of our name. These debates have led to customers calling our stores to settle it! 

While we welcome you to refer to us whichever way you prefer, for those of you who need to settle a debate, the correct answer is:


Siri, Google, and ChatGPT agree with us as well!


          20+ years into his engineering career, our founder, Richard Gonzalez, happened on the idea of building a pizza company unlike any other. 

          So, to work he went. Having moved from Massachusetts to Florida in 2004, he discovered by surveying a sample of 115 pizza lovers what they like most about pizza he found that the answer was equally divided into three segments, 33% would say that the sauce is the most important thing on a pizza; another 33% would say that the crust is the most important thing on a pizza; and a final 33% would say that the cheese is the most important thing on a pizza. However, the same people surveyed agreed that they could not find a pizza place that served a great pizza at an affordable price. Looking at the industry, most places excel in one of these three key areas. It is rare to find a pizza restaurant that satisfies all three key elements in a pizza. 

          Embarking on a journey of passion for the kitchen, our founder was undeterred from his pursuit of a crisp and fluffy crust, a tasty sauce flavor, and a cheese blend that would compliment each other into baking a pizza for the enjoyment of all three segments surveyed.

          After looking to industry experts for direction, he threw away the status quo and started from scratch. Crafting a cheese blend that is almost unheard of in the pizza industry, was just a start for our founder. He then went on to create a pizza sauce recipe from scratch, that includes 16 different spices that lead to an exceptional flavor. Finally, he did not want a crust that was soft or chewy. Rather, he wanted the crust to be crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. To achieve this, he implemented techniques in the dough storage and prep process that allows for the crisp gold color that can be found on any SLIDDERS pizza. 

          Defying the odds and through the unwavering support of his family, SLIDDERS is now over 11+ years old and continuing strong into the future. We thank those who have chosen us as their favorite and welcome everyone to give us a chance to show you how we treat every person like family. 


To attract people through our appearance (we look good), serve them with love for what we do, and welcome them back for more.


Our goal is to make customers feel like family when they walk through the door.
Every time!
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